Lab Pack Services

Whether you are disposing of lab quantities of chemicals or relocating an entire laboratory, Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc. provides total turnkey services for the management of obsolete chemicals, reagents, and other laboratory materials that pose special handling and/or disposal problems. Our highly trained and experienced field chemists package these chemicals into "Lab Packs" and provide cost-effective options for proper disposal or safe relocation.

Each year industrial research & development labs, factories, commercial labs, hospitals, schools, universities, and warehouses generate tons of old or unused laboratory waste. These chemicals, often highly toxic or unstable, can create a hazardous environment for employees, students, and patients and, environmental regulations and criminal penalties do not allow them to be thrown in the trash or poured down the drain. What can you do?

Call Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc. ! We will use our unparalleled waste management and disposal experience to provide your organization with the safest and most cost effective disposal options available. For example, large quantities of compatible materials can be combined into bulk drum quantities to reduce disposal costs and, some chemicals can be recycled or reused. We will explore all options to provide you with the safest and most cost effective management options available.

Also If your company is relocating a laboratory within the same building, across town, or across the state it can be a time sensitive and daunting experience. Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc. uses its outstanding lab pack experience to package your laboratory's chemical inventory, and transport them and your lab equipment to your new location. We can unpack the chemicals into their new storage locations and help set up your lab equipment. Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc. realizes that your company cannot afford laboratory downtime and has the flexibility to schedule relocation services for off hours to meet your requirements.

Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc. can customize its services to fit your needs. When your organization has an established chemical inventory we can provide a firm price for packaging, transportation, and disposal services. If you don't have an inventory, we can provide spot-testing services to determine chemical compatibility, prepare an inventory, and complete packing documents. We can provide all of the needed packaging materials and prepare all of the paperwork required by federal, state, and local transportation and disposal regulations.

Consider Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc. for your company's next Lab Pack project. We will exceed your expectations!