Hazardous Waste Transportation & Disposal

Virtually every industrial manufacturing process generates chemical byproducts that are, by definition, a hazardous waste. Since Congress passed the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) in 1976 to deter inappropriate hazardous waste management practices, the number and complexity of state and federal regulations governing hazardous waste transportation and disposal has increased exponentially. These new regulations increase costs and make the waste transportation and disposal process more complex and time consuming. Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc.'s highly experienced technical staff helps you navigate these rules and regulations and works to minimize your time commitment while maximizing your control of the waste transportation and disposal process.

Whether your company generates bulk liquid, bulk solid, or containerized hazardous or regulated waste materials, Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc. has the disposal experience and the transportation equipment to meet your waste management requirements. We will help you characterize waste materials and complete waste profile forms and we can supply empty drums and containers, including watertight roll-off's, that match your waste generation and storage demands.

Scheduling is easy. Just give us a call at 781 849 6164. Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc. will schedule a pickup to meet your requirements, complete the hazardous waste manifests for your signature, and prepare the other forms required for regulatory compliance. You can be assured that Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc.'s meticulously maintained transportation equipment, driven by highly trained operators, will arrive on schedule with all of the paperwork, labels, and tools/hoses needed to safely remove the waste material and properly transport it to an approved treatment, storage, or disposal facility.

Whether you generate one drum or full truckload quantities of hazardous waste, your business is important to us. Please contact us to discuss your company's hazardous waste transportation and disposal needs.